Baris Albayrak

KNS Information Technologies

I'm Baris Albayrak. My interest in exploring since childhood has led me to a successful educational path. Since primary school, I was a student who drew attention to the technology-prone side of the school. I am currently a visual communication design graduate student. I completed all my university years as an academic achievement and high honor student. As an ambitious and hardworking person, I took on UI/UX and Front-End development tasks in many projects and contributed to the operator. During my work experience, I developed my leadership skills and realized the importance of customer focus. Currently, I am focused on the Full Stack Development study.

My Useful Repositories

Published At: 12.06.2024


A simple API that returns a random joke with multi languages. Free and Open Source Joke API, entirely self-hosted.

Published At: 27.05.2024


Google Opt-out refers to a set of tools and settings that allow users to opt-out of certain data collection or tracking activities when using Google services.

Published At: 27.05.2024


This repo hosts the upload adapter for CKEditor5 and TinyMCE ready to use on NextJS.

Published At: 23.12.2023

Raspberry Pi Backup Utility

Designed specifically for Raspberry Pi devices, this backup script provides gzip-powered instant compression when creating images. This allows you to effectively compress and backup disk images of your Raspberry Pi systems. Furthermore, this tool supports Debian Bookworm as well as all other distributions.

Published At: 23.12.2023


This repo contains configuration and bootloader files that fully support macOS 12.6.5 Monterey - Ventura & Sonoma 14.0 (23A344) with on MSI B760 motherboard and 13900k processor.

Published At: 23.12.2023

Customizable iFrame Player API from Attr

This project was written with the aim of providing comprehensive management of Youtube iFrame Player API published by Google over data-attr.

Published At: 23.12.2023

In this gist, you will see how to automatically unmount disks such as initially mounted (Untitled, NONAME, etc.) in Dual-Boot systems without any GUI interaction.

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